Weekly Madness
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Weekly Madness



You know about our very successful, ongoing, sales campaign called “One Week Three Deals”? This is where we reduce the prices of 3 different items every week.

Apparently, someone caught the boss at a weak moment and said: “I reckon you should have more than three reduced items each week, and I think you could do more about reducing prices”.

Well, that was like a red rag to a bull!

So now, we will have “Weekly Madness”.

Each new promotion starts on Thursday each week and runs through to the next Wednesday;

with not just LOWER PRICES, but PRICE MADNESS.

If you know of a better deal, bring us details.

We will beat it!


We are doing something even MADDER NOW!

Check Out our Black Friday Sale https://www.ifurniture.co.nz/black-friday-sale-2019